Managing Conflict: Managing and Coping with Stress - Emotional Intelligence Quotient

Course Description: The course design is intended to aid the session participant to better manage the demands of today’s high performance workplace, establish balance the urgent requirements of personal life and relationships.

The topics provide a unique approach through the use of tools and exercises that offer:

 Confidential, self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages learners in the context of personal experience

 Simplifies complex issues to increase understanding

 Creates a common language for dealing with personal and work stress

 Assesses coping strengths

 Highlights specific areas for improving relationship coping resources

The intended outcomes are:

 The discovery of your individual stress issues in all areas of life

 Capitalize on your coping strengths to manage stress

 Learn to minimize or eliminate common daily stressors

 Identify areas for coping skills improvement

 Improve problem solving skills to create breakthrough solutions

 Communicate more effectively and objectively

 Build mutual support and trust through closer relationships

 Develop flexibility in responding to change

 Gain greater life satisfaction and enhanced professional performance

Downloadable PDF Workbook

If you are interested in the DiSC Assessment is separate fee of $120.00 will be due and payable.