Leadership: Building Trust - Speaking My Language

This is the FIRST in a series of 3 modules focused on the second installment of Communication Strategies in the series  called   Leaders Guiding Leaders for Sustainable Success. 

The objective for this session is to introduce participants to the practical and proven tools of why leaders are not able to obtain the results desired by their workforce and managers.   Topics in this 1-1.5 hour session include...
          Building the communication strategies by taking the time
         Proactive messaging
Intended outcomes are...
     •Understanding how to frame the dialogue and/or meeting with the people / individual where you are is important. 
     •Participants will be introduced to the key tools for mediating and building trust in the workplace. 
Your Registration Fee includes...
1-1.5 hour virtual live workshop
Session Workbook
30 minute Coaching Session
*If you have not completed your DiSC Assessment, notify our representative at 954-476-3525 for further instructions.  You will need this document for the session.  And it must be completed prior to the session.