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This resource guide has been compiled for you, Mr. and Ms. “John and Jane Q. Public” so that you can have a fighting chance to “ MANAGE FOR THE GOOD TIMES.” The Financial Literacy Institute brings over 6 decades of knowledge and experience to our clients in easy to understand terminology. Money Mojo, our education division, provides financial literacy, financial planning and awareness based on our client's level of understanding. We also provide credit enhancement services in support of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Part B (ECOA) using Non-Traditional Tradeline reporting. It is our desire to make a difference in your quality of life, by offering a means to re-empower and re-educate. That is why we researched and compiled this Resource Guide for you and your family. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY TO SUSTAINABILITY! ©2015, all rights reserved, You have been issued one licensed copy of this document for personal use only. Any other reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited.