Documan Family DESKTOP+WEB
Hellix Family DESKTOP+WEB
Hellix SemiBold WEB
Hellix Regular WEB
Hellix Medium WEB
Hellix Light WEB
Hellix Heavy WEB
Hellix Bold WEB
Hellix Family WEB
Hellix SemiBold DESKTOP
Hellix Regular DESKTOP
Hellix Medium DESKTOP
Hellix Light DESKTOP
Hellix Heavy DESKTOP
Hellix Bold DESKTOP
Hellix Family DESKTOP
Documan Thin DESKTOP
Documan SemiBold DESKTOP
Documan Regular DESKTOP
Documan Medium
Documan Light DESKTOP
Documan Bold DESKTOP
Documan Family DESKTOP
Documan Thin WEB
Documan SemiBold WEB
Documan Regular WEB
Documan Medium WEB
Documan Light WEB
Documan Bold WEB
Documan Family WEB
Reckless Bold WEB
Reckless SemiBold WEB
Reckless Medium WEB
Reckless Regular WEB
Reckless Light WEB
Reckless SemiBold DESKTOP
Reckless Regular DESKTOP
Reckless Medium DESKTOP
Reckless Light DESKTOP
Reckless Bold DESKTOP
Reckless Family DESKTOP+WEB
Reckless Family WEB
Reckless Family DESKTOP


Displaay type-foundry started as a final MA project (June 2014). The first five font sketches were created whilst studying at UMPRUM in Prague.


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