Hello! My name is Adri Andrea but I use Diry Art Designs for my scrapbooking work.
I'm 46 year old woman from Argentina.
I've started in the digital psp world in 2006 when I lived in Italy. At the beginning as a tagger and helping other to know how some psp programs works ( I had a design forum some years), then making my own scrapkits, selling them in stores and some years ago I start to sell ONLY CU products (that of course can be used as PU/S4O/S4H).
I love to create my own products starting from templates, extracted real photos or designs/illustrations of third parts, mix and mess giving life to other products. I use to just extract ( and sometimes modify them a lot) from photos too. I used to draw and paint my own elements too and sometimes I add my touch in some of them. Some of my products was scanned and then extracted by myself. 
This store will remain my main store, so I'm uploading day by day my oldest packs re doing them and checking the quality. So if you have some of my olders and want to get the new version, please contact me and send me the payment receipt of the older pack, and I will send you a coupon to download the new one for free.
If you have some question or doubt about my TOU or anything, please contact ME. I will be very happy to help you.
IMPORTANT: Each month I give away an exclusive pack to thank you for your first order of the month (called Freebie with purchase) and if you contact me writing your Facebook profile (and attaching your payment proof) I can add you to my customer's group in Facebook where I've released some freebies and add new ones each month exclusively for the group.

Well, that's all. 
Thank so much for all the support to my work! I hope you enjoy it as much as I.