Finding Fiverr

38 pages of POWER! Hi, I'm Dion Lynk! I joined fiverr in early 2010, and I didn't have a clue as to what I would sell. I was a novice at pretty much EVERYTHING creatively, but I was passionate and highly persistent about creating an internet business, so I created my first gig in hopes that it'll turn into something. 
It's funny, my first gig was along the lines of, 'I will tell you one joke per day for one week for a fiverr'. Here's the thing... I'm not at all that funny.  Due to the novelty of the site back then, I would actually receive a couple of orders over the course of a month, but I was mostly recycling some generic quips, and re-delivering them branded with my 'twist'. It wasn't inspiring at all, and I soon deactivated that gig to get more serious about offering something better.  
Before fiverr I literally started out on the web by earning pennies at a time in the PPC (pay per click) and survey arenas. I also...  
  • Sold ads on my first website
  • Clicked ads in the GPT (get paid to) arena
  • Earned Google Adsense income
  • Designed favicons for bloggers

 I've had a thorough tour on pretty much every conceivable way there is to earn money online. Discover more about my journey!