Weightless Meditation MP3

How we feel about ourselves is key to our well-being. When you're not at your optimal weight, it’s yet another burden for you to carry. The Weightless guided meditation is designed to help bring peace to your mind and body by helping to release that burden, allowing you to reach and remain at your healthiest weight. This meditation was made with you in mind and includes affirmations to help reinforce positive messages about your body image, self-image, and healthy eating. Love your body. Love yourself.



"The Weightless meditation from Demo DiMartile is a powerful tool I use in my own weight management approach. I don't want to be at war with my body, and Weightless helps me remember that my body and I are on the same side! If you've ever been afraid to look in the mirror, or find yourself being critical of how you look, regularly using the Weightless meditation is a wonderful way to leave that all behind!"
~ Mary Shomon
New York Times Bestselling Author of The Thyroid Diet, and Leading Hormonal Health Advocate