Deer's Sony Vegas Presets Pack (300 vegas effects)
20% OFF
Deer's Cinematics Service [MW2]
Myterious Box Giveaway
Color Correction Pack #3 (10 CC)
20% OFF
Color Correction Pack #2 (12 CC)
10% OFF
Color Correction Pack #1 (14 CC)
20% OFF
PARACULAR Pack (by Deer)
Editing Pack #5
Editing Pack #4 (best-selling pack!)
Red Raves (Project File + Resources)
Synergy Vez (Project File + Resources)
SoaR Crude (Project File + Resources)
SoaR Andy (Project File + Resources)
STARCHASER (Free Project File)
Synergy Differ (Project File + Color Correction)
Synergy Zags (Project File + Color Correction)
Red Zaaphy (Project File + Resources)
THE HUNT (Project File + Color Correction)
HIGHLANDER (Project File + Color Correction)
SoaR Shades (Free Project File)
SoaR Fameful (Project File + Resources)
Dare Tnzr (Project File + Resources)
ULTRALIGHT V3 (Project File + Resources)
Dare Cams 119 (Project File + Resources)
SoaR Strobe (Project File + Resources)
Obey Freezy x Red Sonton (Project File + Resources)
Red Arcohs (Project File + Resources)
Dare Cams 118 (Project File + Resources)
Red Raves (Color Correction)
Synergy Vez (Color Correction)
SoaR Crude (Color Correction)
SoaR Andy (Color Correction)
STARCHASER (Color Correction)
Red Zaaphy (Color Correction)
Synergy Zags (Color Correction)
Synergy Differ (Color Correction)
HIGHLANDER (Color Correction)
THE HUNT (Color Correction)
SoaR Fameful (Color Correction)
ULTRALIGHT V3 (Color Correction)
Dare Cams 119 (Color Correction)
SMASH (Color Correction)
SoaR Strobe (Color Correction)
Dare Tnzr (Color Correction)
FAR AWAY (Color Correction)
Obey Freezy x Red Sonton (Color Correction)
Red Arcohs (Color Correction)
SoaR Shades (Color Correction)
Dare Cams 118 (Color Correction)
Synergy Differ (Color Correction)
Ice Zags (Color Correction)
Obey Fresco Introducing (Color Correction)
Dare Cams 117 (Color Correction)
Dare Toms (Color Correction)


The french Sony Vegas editor. If you get trouble by downloading any product, contact me on Skype : deer.edits or @DeerEdits


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