1985 Season (PDF)

The 1985 season is now available for Deep Drive Baseball!

Championship Series: Kansas City defeated St. Louis
Most Valuable Players: Willie McGee (STL) and Don Mattingly (NYY)
Cy Young: Dwight Gooden (NYM) and Bret Saberhagen (KCR)

This ZIP file contains everything you need to play with teams from the 2001 season:
  • Cards for every player who made an appearance. Four pages for each team, including one stadium card and up to 35 player cards for position players and pitchers who appeared most frequently. Plus a "Misc" folder that fills in the rest, giving you everything you'll need for full season, as-played replays.
  • The season handbook, including every chart you'll need for the year: defensive charts, on-base events, stolen bases, injuries and more!
  • The latest versions of the rules and odd plays.
Note that this does not include dice required for play. The game is currently available for download only. You will need 3 10-sided dice to play Deep Drive Baseball.