The MIRACLE MEDITATION - Sleep Meditation

The Miracle Meditation – Wake up to a new life

Welcome to Dauchsy Meditations. This is named the miracle meditation because you will be focusing on what is called the miracle question. The miracle question is actually used in a therapeutic setting, specifically by existential or solution focused therapists. These 2 types of therapy are my particular favorites because they focus not on the past like most therapy, but instead on creating an ideal future. You focus on the positive and what you want your life to be like. It encourages forward progress rather than focusing on the problems that drive people to therapy in the first place. And as you may know, what you think about most in your mind, will manifest itself into reality.  So in this meditation, you will be creating an ideal future, and connecting it to the present so that it can immediately actualize into your reality.

It is recommended to listen to this meditation daily right before bed. Not only will this meditation help you fall asleep, but it will give your subconscious mind, direct, focused, intention to take that miracle you created in your mind, and manifest it into reality.