The FORMULA to MANIFEST ANYTHING: 30 Day Manifest Challenge

Welcome to Dauchsy’s 30-day Manifest Challenge. This video is a formula to help you manifest anything you want. You will be creating emotional, sensory rich thoughts and visualizations of what it feels like, looks like, smells like to already have what you want. The more emotional, the more real it becomes. As you continue to listen to this video, it will become more and more clear. It will become more and more powerful each and every time you listen. You will find yourself living this experience you observed in your mind. If you follow this formula, you can have ANYTHING you want. But unfortunately, some people who understand this formula cant discipline themselves for even 30 days. So.. I am challenging you to make a 30 day commitment right now. If you can follow this audio with focus and intention towards your goal for 30 days, you are guaranteed to see your visualizations begin to manifest into your life! There is no maybe it will happen, there is no wishing it to happen, there is only certainty and exactitude which is created by the law of attraction. Keep in mind, you may manifest what you want before the 30 days