Free 1982-1992 Maserati Biturbo OEM Service and Repair Manual (PDF)

Free official Maserati Biturbo Factory Service and Repair Manual, as used by the Maserati dealers and servicing workshops.

The manual is in two languages - Italian & English in one PDF file. It has been converted into an Adobe Acrobat pdf file, which allows quick and easy access to the relevant section. 

The models covered are :

  • 2 Litre cars: (Biturbo Coupe, S, Si, Spider, i, 420, 222, 2.24V,422
  • 2.5 Litre cars: Biturbo SE,  Spider, 425, 
  • 2.8 Litre cars: 222E, Spyder i, 228, 228i, 430, Karif

This service manual provides a wide variety of specifications, settings, tolerances and technical data. As well, they provide detailed procedures on service, repair and overhaul of the systems and components. Included is a wiring diagram of the engine management electronics, and climate control system. General contents include Data and technical features, Engine, Clutch and transmission, Propeller shaft and differential, Automatic air conditioner, suspensions, Steering, Pedals and brakes, Electrical system, Body, other Variants.

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File Format: PDF
File Language: English & Italian.
Printable: Yes
Number of Pages: 597
File Size: 299.3 MB
Delivery Method: Instant Download.