DPP Mobile Preset Pack

If you’re anything like me, you love to capture moments as they are happening so that you can look back and reminisce, cry, laugh and re-experience the joy in those moments all over again. After growing in my knowledge of what makes a photo, I discovered that not only was it important to be able to take the photo, but to elevate the beauty that was already there!
This Mobile Preset Pack will give your photos the boost they need to feel like you have your personal professional photographer in your back pocket for those every day moments you want to capture. Of course there is a difference from using an actual camera- and there is a time for that trust me! But for now, this is the preset pack designed just for you!

Here are the 8 presets included in your download:

1-Dark Indoor Backlit
2-Light indoor Backlit
3-Dark indoor Front lit
4-Light indoor Front lit
5-Day shaded
6-Day Full Sun
7-Evening Shaded
8-Evening Sun

Along with the presets, you will also receive 3 additional files to help you get started. 

1-DPP Preset Pack Info
2-DPP Preset Pack Download Instructions
3-DPP Preset Pack FAQ Page
4-How To Unzip Your Preset Folder

Please use the Instructions included in your download!! All preset files are currently zipped, so you will need to unzip them to import into Adobe Lightroom!

Let the FUN begin!!

Be sure to follow me at @dpp_presetpack to ask any questions you may have if you are stuck or to continue growing in how to use the presets well!! Please do not share this account as it is for people like you who have invested in elevating your mobile photos!

Please Tag me at @daniellepressleyphoto so I can see them in action!!! I can't wait!