Balloon Bunny Hand Puppet
Twirling Hearts Balloon Wand
Two-Balloon Swan by Dale the Balloon Twister
Four-Balloon Stick Pony
Girl Troll Balloon Hairband
Bunny Ears Hairband with Muzzle Carrot Photo-Opp Prop
Large Balloon Easter Basket Photo-Opp Station
A Two-Balloon Bunny Ear Hat
3 Balloon Crown/Tiara Hairband
3-Intertwining Hearts on a Stem-Wand Balloon Design
Simple Ninja Turtle Head Bracelet
A 2-Balloon Heart Wand
One-Balloon Frozen Snowflake Wand
One Balloon Big Hero BayMax Parody
3-Intertwining Balloon Hearts on a Hairband


Balloon twisting since 1993, Dale is a balloon artist residing in the Saint Louis area and loves to come up with outside-of-the-box ideas!


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