GM 2 Drum Kits Vol 1

Get inspiration from a brand new collection of GM 2 specification Drum Kits for GA4/GASE4.

All 8 Kits, consist of 48 Drum samples & conform to  the GM2 Drum Standard, thereby letting you take immediate advantage of widely available GM Drum midi files & ensuring  proper Drum assignments within Cubase.

All 48 sample pads are colour coded for convenience & sound navigation. 

GM 2 Standard Kit
GM 2 Analogue Kit
GM 2 Brush Kit
GM 2 Jazz Kit
GM 2 Orchestral Kit
GM 2 Power Kit
GM 2 Room Kit
GM 2 Electric Kit

384 Drum Samples

8 x VST 3 Kit Presets for Groove Agent/SE 

91 Mb Total.

All Kits include consist of 48 drum samples - GM Mapped + Steinberg VST3 Preset also included.

All Drum Kits are neatly tagged for immediate gratification inside Mediabay.