CubaseTools Groove Quantise Vol 2

Brand new collection of Groove Quantise presets in Midi format for Steinberg Cubase - All neatly tagged & named for simple drag & drop directly into your Quantise Panel.

All the classic shuffles & grooves from a plethora of classic Drum Machines, to give your Drum productions that KILLER edge. The pack includes:

349 Midi Groove presets from Classic Groove Boxes & Vintage hardware such as:
KORG DDD-1       (22 Grooves)
AKAI MPC 1000  (54 Grooves)
AkAI MPC 3000  (54 Grooves)
ELEKTRON SPS 1 & 2  (14 Grooves)

The pack also includes almost 200 Style Grooves for genre specific production grooves in various Styles & genres like:

Styles & Genres

SOUL-RnB & FUNK-(3/4 Time)  (64 Grooves)
HIP HOP ( 3/4 Time)  (60 Grooves) 
HOUSE    4/4 (40 Grooves)
TRANCE  4/4 (36 Grooves) 

All Grooves:

(8th/16th/32nd/Triplet Grooves where appropriate NB.

Please note the Timebase (3/4 - 4/4) thats used for each groove set & SET the equivalent in your Transport Panel BEFORE Dragging into your Quantise Panel)

Please Note CUBASE 7.0 or higher is required for this pack.

Our Groove Quantise CPR is compatible with Cubase 7 - all the way to Cubase 9.0 The CPR File have been opened with the following latest versions :
Cubase Pro 7.07
Cubase Pro 8.0.40.
Cubase 8.5.20.
Cubase Pro 9.0.30

Please contact us If you are using an earlier version of Cubase ( Cubase 5.0 - 6.5) for an earlier revision of the included CPR Files.