Video Watercolor Workshop "Portraits, Pets & People", April 6, 2020

Video Workshop Series - Available Now! Early Bird pricing continues through April 30, 2020. Save $25.

In this video workshop series concentrating on "Portraits, Pets & People" customers will receive seven video downloads, ranging from 18 - 75 minutes in duration. 

Video 1 - "Window Bathing" 2020 - Cat Portrait
Video 2 - "White Puppy" - Dog Portrait
Video 3 - "Little Cutie" - Girl Portrait (Drawing)
Videos 4 & 5 - "Little Cutie" - Girl Portrait (Painting)
Video 6 - "Violet Shadows" - Man Portrait
Video 7 - "PhotoShop Elements for Watercolor"

Video series © 2020 Colleen Reynolds

In addition to the tutorial videos, purchasers will receive 10 image downloads for reference photos and drawings and a Workshop Supplies List. 

Each workshop video may be purchased individually, or more economically with this workshop package.  

Before purchase, please ensure you have the appropriate applications and storage space available to view and save the downloaded files. Video file sizes range between 230MB - 560MB. The total disk space required is approximately 2.1GB.

The videos are delivered as mp4 files, readable on both Mac and PC platforms. Depending on your computer platform and Internet connectivity speed, downloading the mp4 file may take some time. 

Video viewing applications:
- Windows-based computers most commonly use the Windows Media Player or VTC Player (Windows 10) application. 
- Mac-based computers most commonly use the QuickTime application.

Video player applications may need to be downloaded (Free applications).

The photographs are formatted to print at 300 ppi (high resolution) at approximately 7.5"x10".

Apply discount code during checkout (remember to click APPLY after entering the code). Each discount code is good for one use. Codes should not be case sensitive. 

Contact [email protected] if you encounter problems with checkout, purchase confirmation, or downloading any of the files.