Crooked Cops (project file+clips)
Stand Still Cinematic Pack
Stand Still Project File (with clips and cines)
Back And Forth
Cristo Corrections Pack (NEW)
All I Wanted (Project File + Clips and Overlays)
Why you gotta be SoaR Crude (Project file with Overlays and Cinematics)
INSOLENCE 2: Cinematic Pack (part 2)
INSOLENCE 2 (my part) - Part 2 Project file (Everything included!)
INSOLENCE 2: Cinematic Pack (part 1)
INSOLENCE 2 (my part) - Part 1 Project file (Everything included!)
Project file Pack
Introducing Red Green: Cinematic Pack
Introducing Red Green (Project file & Clips)
SoaR Multicod Teamtage #19 Cinematic Pack
SoaR Multicod Teamtage #19 (Project file & Clips )
F**K YOU (All files included)
Take It Away (Project file and Clips)
Cristo Editing Pack
Ultimate Sound Effects Pack
Zigg Zagg #7 - Cinematics Pack
Zigg Zagg #7 (Project File and Clips)
Middle Of Things - colors
Middle Of Things (Cinematics included)
Introducing SoaR Vizor - effects
Re-Introducing SoaR Vizor - Clip Sync (all files included)
Super Colour Correction Pack
Colour Correction Pack #3
Introducing SoaR Prica - Colours
This Bright Flash (Project Files & Clips)
Introducing SoaR Prica (Project Files & Clips)
Red Thief - Black Opes 3 Montage (Project file and Clips)
 Down for you (Project file and Clips)
Back to Life #15 ( (Project file and Clips)
SoaR Teamtage #17 (Project file and Clips)
No More Sorrowz #20 - EFFECTS ( with cinematics and stocks )
No More Sorrowz #20 - CLIP SINC ( with Clips and Cinematics )
Stromae V2 ( AE Project File & Clips )
Cristo's Overlays Pack
Cristo's Presets Pack #3
XO. - OCC Week 174 entry (Projecy files and Clips)
Red Hazz - Hazzible #1 (Project Files and Clips)
Vizor's Fantasy #10 - Stock Files
Vizor's Fantasy #10 (Project File and Clips)
Padre Pio Ciclista / 2HC - (Project File and Clips)
SoaR 8VS - AW Daytage (AE Project File and Clips)
I'm Airborne #16 Cinematics Pack
I'm Airborne #16 (AE Project File and Clips)
I'm Airborne #16 Colour Correction
AV8 Episode 2 - AE Project File
Presets Pack Updated
CC Pack Updated


I'm an Italian 20 years old student with a passion for design, photography and visual effects.


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