Crooked Cops (project file+clips)
Stand Still Cinematic Pack
Stand Still Project File (with clips and cines)
"Love For Yhe 90s" Cinematic Pack
"Love For The 90s" Project file (Clips and Overlays Included)
Back And Forth
Cristo Corrections Pack (NEW)
All I Wanted (Project File + Clips and Overlays)
Why you gotta be SoaR Crude (Project file with Overlays and Cinematics)
INSOLENCE 2: Cinematic Pack (part 2)
INSOLENCE 2 (my part) - Part 2 Project file (Everything included!)
INSOLENCE 2: Cinematic Pack (part 1)
INSOLENCE 2 (my part) - Part 1 Project file (Everything included!)
Project file Pack
Introducing Red Green: Cinematic Pack
Introducing Red Green (Project file & Clips)
SoaR Multicod Teamtage #19 Cinematic Pack
SoaR Multicod Teamtage #19 (Project file & Clips )
F**K YOU (All files included)
Take It Away (Project file and Clips)
Cristo Editing Pack
Ultimate Sound Effects Pack
Zigg Zagg #7 - Cinematics Pack
Zigg Zagg #7 (Project File and Clips)
Middle Of Things - colors
Middle Of Things (Cinematics included)
Introducing SoaR Vizor - effects
Re-Introducing SoaR Vizor - Clip Sync (all files included)
Super Colour Correction Pack
Colour Correction Pack #3
Introducing SoaR Prica - Colours
This Bright Flash (Project Files & Clips)
Introducing SoaR Prica (Project Files & Clips)
Red Thief - Black Opes 3 Montage (Project file and Clips)
 Down for you (Project file and Clips)
Back to Life #15 ( (Project file and Clips)
SoaR Teamtage #17 (Project file and Clips)
No More Sorrowz #20 - EFFECTS ( with cinematics and stocks )
No More Sorrowz #20 - CLIP SINC ( with Clips and Cinematics )
Stromae V2 ( AE Project File & Clips )
Cristo's Overlays Pack
Cristo's Presets Pack #3
XO. - OCC Week 174 entry (Projecy files and Clips)
Red Hazz - Hazzible #1 (Project Files and Clips)
Vizor's Fantasy #10 - Stock Files
Vizor's Fantasy #10 (Project File and Clips)
Padre Pio Ciclista / 2HC - (Project File and Clips)
SoaR 8VS - AW Daytage (AE Project File and Clips)
I'm Airborne #16 Cinematics Pack
I'm Airborne #16 (AE Project File and Clips)
I'm Airborne #16 Colour Correction
AV8 Episode 2 - AE Project File
Presets Pack Updated
CC Pack Updated


I'm an Italian 20 years old student with a passion for design, photography and visual effects.


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