Creative Ryan LUT

This is my personal LUT I created over a year and a half ago for ALL my personal video projects, such as Vlogs, Youtube Content, Ig Stories & Random Edits.

My Shooting Settings:
Picture Profile: Neutral
(contrast all the way down in camera)

In Editing: LUT intensity - 65%
(for my exact dialed in look)

*When shooting FLAT, LUT intensity - 100%
(gives you room to dial in contrast)

I've never once shared this LUT with anyone, even after people asking me to sell it for months and months, i finally decided the only way I would give my personal LUT away is if I sell it & sell it for what its worth to me. If you decide to spend the price on it to get the look I created, thank you for your support and I truly appreciate you with my heart.

**No Refunds Available