Sewing & sizing instructions
Back In Black pattern
Black Symbiote for SpideyFit V2
Symbioted TASM2 pattern
Mystique V1 pattern
Mystique V2 pattern
(CUSTOM) MJ Vision pattern
FanArt Civil War V2 pattern
FanArt Civil War V2 (with hood and extra mask) pattern
Nightwing V2 pattern
Shattred Dimensions (Blue) pattern
Shattred Dimensions (Purple) pattern
Nightwing V1 pattern
Tronisher pattern
TronDevil pattern
Spider-Tron pattern
Spider Gwen V3 (+Hood+Extra Mask)
Gwenom V2 (+Hood+Extra Mask)
Man Of Steel pattern
Shocker pattern
Tracer legging (no muscle shades) pattern
(female) Tracer legging pattern
(female) 'Tracer Posh' legging pattern
Spider Gwen V2 (+Hood+Extra Mask) pattern
(CUSTOM) Spider Glen pattern
New Comic Spider-Man (Textured) pattern
New Comic Spider-Man pattern
Captain Marvel pattern
(CUSTOM) Black Iron Spider pattern
(CUSTOM) TASM Hybrid pattern
Miles Morales TASM Hybrid pattern
Symbiote TASM Hybrid pattern
Kaine TASM Hybrid pattern
(DARK) Scarlet TASM Hybrid pattern
Scarlet TASM Hybrid pattern
Superior TASM Hybrid pattern
Hybrid 2099 pattern
Spider-Man 2099 pattern
Symbiote 2099 pattern
IRON FIST V1 pattern
(CUSTOM) Gwenpool pattern
Female KAINE pattern
(CUSTOM) Lady Spawn pattern
Female Comic Spider-Man
She Symbiote pattern
(CUSTOM) Red Lantern Supergirl pattern
(CUSTOM) Civil War V2 Symbioted pattern (with hood+extra mask)
(FanArt) Civil War Spider-Man V1 pattern
(CUSTOM) XForce Spider-Man pattern
Sentinel Spider V4 pattern
Sentinel Spider V5 pattern
Sentinel Spider V1 pattern
Sentinel Spider V3 pattern


Designer/Pattern maker from Tunisia. | Follow me on IG: @crazy.franky | [Don't do commissions anymore!]


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