Shrapnel Explosion Pack 2 (2K Resolution)
Blood Bursts 9-13 (2K)
Master VFX Package! (40% off!)
Random FX Pack
HUGE Explosion Pack (31 Explosions) {35% off}
Shrapnel Explosion Pack
Regular Explosion Pack
Nuke Explosion Pack
Fireball Explosion Pack
5 Side-view Head Explosions
5 Front-view Head Explosions
10 Head Explosions
Blood and Gore Essentials
Blood Splatters 4-6
Blood Splatters 1-3
Blood Hits 5-8
Blood Hits 1-4
14 Blood Hits and Splatters
Slow Motion Blood Bursts
Blood Bursts 9-13
Blood Bursts 5-8
Blood Bursts 1-4
13 Blood Burst Pack



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