Assignment 1 – Personal Website solution

Task 1
 Before getting started with the following tasks, review the ‘Common Look and Feel’ video provided on Blackboard (under: Course Content à Extra Materials). Using the knowledge gained in these materials, implement the following Design Pattern to create a ‘Common Look and Feel’ to be used on every page of your website.
 Develop your content. Be sure to create the following content before producing your web pages.

·       An paragraph explaining what the user is going to see when they come to your site

·       Create a banner (images, css, etc) for your website

·       Your personal resume in Word Document format

·       Write a simple 2-3 paragraph biography

·       Find at least 5 images of yourself, friends or family to be used in a photo gallery.


Please note that you do not have to post personal details about yourself online. Please feel free to provide dummy information if you wish.

Task 3

Your website must contain the following elements:


·       Index.html

o   A webpage that introduces your website. Explain to the user what they are going to see by coming here.

·       Biography.html

o   A webpage that tells the world a little about yourself. (2-3 paragraphs or so). This section can be completely made up – you don’t need to post personal details online if you do not want to.

·       Social.html

o   A webpage that tells the world how to contact you. Include elements like your Facebook page, twitter account, email address, phone number. Use the anchor tag to provide links to all your content. This section can be completely made up – you do not need to post personal details online if you do not want to.

·       ImageGallery.html

o   A webpage that hosts at least 5 images of you/your family and friends, etc. NOTE: be sure that the photos you are using are not copyrighted or owned by another individual. Copyright and Trademark laws exist for a reason!

·       Resume.html

o   A webpage that replicates your resume. Use tables and/or divs to lay out the content on your page. Provide a link that will allow visitors to download a Word Document version of your resume.

·       Additional-page.html

o   After you have created your pages create one additional page with any content you desire.


Your web pages elements must include:


·       Common Header

o   A banner (images, css, etc)

·       Common Menu

o   Links to Index.html, Biography.html, Social.html, ImageGallery.html, Resume.html, Additional-page.html

·       Common Footer

o   Student Number, First Name, Last Name, Email Address

Task 4

Upload your website to a webserver. Use an FTP client to connect to the webserver.


Once you connect to the webserver using an FTP client, create a directory called ‘/Assignment1’ under ‘/public_html/CST8238’ directory. Once your personal directory has been created navigate to that new directory. Add your index.html file to this location. (Using FileZilla simply drag the index.html file into your folder)


We recommend the FTP client Filezilla. The program is provided for free (and open source for those who are interested in such things) by the Mozilla Foundation; the makers of Firefox and Thunderbird.


For more information on using FileZilla please navigate to the following material in Blackboard: Course Content à Extra Material à FileZilla Guide (Video)

Task 5

View your website using a web browser. Open a web browser and navigate to the following web address:




For example, the web address to my page is:


Where ‘’ is the domain name of the Web server, ‘CST8238/Assignment1’ is the name of the directory I created in the Web server under ‘/public_domain’ directory using FTP client and ‘index.html’ is the web page I created for this assignment.

Task 6

Once you have confirmed that your webpage is available online, you are ready to hand in your Assignment.

To hand in your assignment go to Blackboard and navigate to Course Content à Assignments and click on ‘Assignment 1 – Personal Website’ link.


Under “Assignment Materials”, in the Submission text box write out the following Information:


·       Student Number

·       First Name

·       Last Name

·       The URL, or hyperlink, prepared in Task 5


Finally, once the Submission is complete, click the ‘Submit’ button to send the Assignment 1 to your professor.



If the URL, or hyperlink, does not direct the professor to the lab you will receive a ZERO for the lab assignment.



You may only submit a Lab ONE TIME. Be sure the lab is complete before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.