Consider the following program in which the statements are in the incorrect order....

Consider the following program in which the statements are in the incorrect order. Rearrange the statements so that the program prompts the user to input the height and the radius of the base of a cylinder and outputs the volume and surface area of the cylinder. Format the output to two decimal places. Be sure to insert source code comments thoroughly.


int main ( )
{ }

double height;

cout << "Volume of the cylinder = " << PI * pow (radius, 2.0) * height << endl;
cout << "Enter the height of the cylinder: ";
cin radius;

cout << endl;

return 0;

double radius;

cout << "Surface area: " << 2 * PI * radius * height + 2 * PI * pow (radius, 2.0) << endl;

cout << fixed << showpoint << setprecision(2);
cout << "Enter the radius of the base of the cylinder: ";
cin height;

cout << endl;


const double PI = 3.14159;

using namespace std;

Assignment Requirements:

·         Using Visual Studio code and test your program according to instructions given. Fully test the program to insure program works as expected. Once you are satisfied with your program outcome, open a Word document and insert a cover page, include your C++ source code, and print screen shots of the DOS command dialog window showing your test results. Be sure to test the program at least two times to insure the program executes properly.

·         Insure that your C++ source code is fully documented by including source code comments as well detail what was wrong with the program. Include a “flower box”, i.e./* Programmers full name:Today’s Date:Lesson number:Program purpose: */


·         Assignment must be submitted as a Word document.<<<<<