Summarize Seasonal Trends: Time of Day, Day of Week and Month

Seasonal Trends Number Crunching Template

Summarize seasonal trends in your data with a self serve analytics template on Sellfy. When people do things - download apps, listen to songs, watch movies, or buy products or services - is as important as what they do. The seasonal trends template let's you identify seasonal trends and do something about it: all you need is one column of date/time data! Summarize with this Office 365 Excel Desktop and Table App template and connect to big data in an Azure SQL Database or a .csv datafile in OneDrive. Here's how to connect Excel to an Azure Analysis Server.

- When do my customers leave?
- What time to they visit?
- Which fiscal quarter is best?

Cool Number Crunching Template Download Instructions


  1. Press 'Add to Cart' black button.
  2. Complete order form, click 'Continue' black button.
  3. Open your e-mail, click to 'Verify' your order.
  4. Download 'SummarizeSeasonalTrends.xlsm' template.
  5. Click 'Enable Content', then 'Yes' at top of template.
  6. Paste date/time data in grey shaded cells of 'Data' worksheet.
  7. Click the 'Summarize Seasonal Trends!' button.
  8. Select one column of date/time data.
  9. Your data is summarized by time of day, day of week and month.

Summarize Seasonal Trends!

NOTE: These cool number crunching templates were developed on an Office 365 Excel Desktop and Table App, Windows PC environment. I can not recommend it will run correctly on MAC or other operating systems. Contact me with questions to make this template work on your data.