PSY 450 Week 2 Training Abstracts Assignment

PSY 450 Week 2 Training Abstracts Assignment

Your Learning Team has been chosen to present current research to an agency that provides various treatment services for families (family therapy, parenting classes, support groups, etc.).  As a team you will have to briefly identify your agency and what sort of services it provides to what sort of clients.

Research:  Each team member should find one peer reviewed journal article from the UOP Library that addresses one of the following topics either as researched in a different culture, or that discusses the relationship between the culture and the topic (for example how does culture influence what a secure attachment looks like):








Moral Reasoning


Language/communiction and culture


Each person should choose one topic, no topics may be addressed twice unless there are more team members than topics.  However, each team member should find and report on their own article. If you have questions about the appropriateness of your topic or article first ask you team, then ask me if you all cannot come to a conclusion.

Each team member should then write an abstract that explains their article to the agency employees for training purposes.  Also included should be a paragraph for each abstact that explains why this information matters to the agency employees, in other words explain how will the information help them serve their clients better.

If you do not know what an abstract is be sure to look it up!  No one team member’s constribution should be more than about 300 words total.  There should be a brief introduction and conclusion included, the introduction should include a description of your agency and the population you are serving.  Each team member should put their name at the top of the section and write their own properly APA formatted reference at the end of their section.  A Reference page is not necessary.