MKT 5125 Datavast Case Questions- Managerial Marketing

MKT 5125 Datavast Case Questions- Managerial Marketing
Managerial Marketing 5125

Please provide a detailed answer to each of the following questions.

In answering the questions for any case, DO NOT conduct any outside research on the company, its history, or its progress since the case was written.

Only use the information presented in the case.

1. Describe the data storage industry in China in this case. Include comments on technology and issues in accepting new technology.

2. Compare the buying practices of small companies versus large companies with respect to backup technology.

3. A. Compare and contrast IT suppliers and system integrators (SI).

B. What are the implications for Datavast?

4. A. What is the decision Hao has to make?

B. What are his alternatives?

C. What are the risks of each alternative?

5. What do you recommend to Hao? Support your recommendations with rationales.