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CYB 110 All Discussions

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CYB 110 Week 1 Discussion Question: CIA Concepts

You are a security professional hired by a small insurance company to provide training to its staff. How would you describe the interrelation of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) of data and systems and how each impacts the others; for example, how 100% confidentiality affects availability?





CYB 110 Week 1 Discussion Question: Playbook/Runbook


Research Playbook/Runbooks and the role they play in security.

Discuss how a Playbook/Runbook relates to creating a secure environment and why policies are important for enforcing security.








CYB 110 Week 2 Discussion Question: Dealing with Malware


Research different types of malware, looking at specific examples and how they affected an organization.

List examples of malware that pose threats to individuals or companies and their attack vectors. Discuss how companies or individuals can protect themselves from these malware examples.








CYB 110 Week 2 Discussion Question: Web Browser Security


You work for a hospital evaluating the security of internet interaction.

Discuss the largest security risk web browsers pose. What is the best way an organization can mitigate against that risk?






CYB 110 Week 3 Discussion Question: Security Risks


You provide security for national political party.

Discuss the security risks posed by email and why it is important to create policies for email use. What kinds of policies are most helpful to secure email use?







CYB 110 Week 3 Discussion Question: Online Interaction Risks




Retail stores often directly interact with customers online. Staff can also indirectly interact with the public online through their private social media.

Discuss risks online interactions pose to a company. How can companies ensure appropriate interaction is taking place and balance that with security?








CYB 110 Week 4 Discussion Question: Security for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Network


Your company is thinking of introducing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. You have been tasked with assessing the risks associated with this implementation, including how to manage malware, data leakage, and access control.

Research threats and vulnerabilities by mobile and other devices introduced to networks through BYOD policies.

Discuss what risks these devices pose and how to manage them in a secure way to prevent malware, data leakage, and control access.







CYB 110 Week 4 Discussion Question: Cloud Computing Security




Your company is considering moving from a physical to a cloud environment and needs to understand the security ramifications.

Discuss how cloud computing differs from computing on physical machines. Identify how these differences affect the methods companies use to secure their cloud environment.








CYB 110 Week 5 Discussion Question: Data Backup Processes



You work for a university that provides online and campus ground courses. Your executive team is concerned about the threat a disaster would pose to its student data.

Discuss best practices the university could use in its processes to backup data. What tools are available to backup data and how are they used to ensure data is backed up securely?







CYB 110 Week 5 Discussion Question: Policies and Procedures to Backup and Secure Data


The university you work for has several different functional areas that maintain student information and data (e.g., registrar, accounting, financial aid, academic departments, etc.).

Discuss what role backup policies and procedures play in protecting an organization with many different departments and their data. Why is it important to back up data? What are some examples of secure policies and procedures that could be used in this scenario to protect student information?