BSHS 375 Week 5 Quality Assurance Review

BSHS 375 Week 5 Quality Assurance

Read the scenario and complete both Part 1 and
Part 2.


As the director of a community-based mental health
agency, you receive a phone call from a school where one of your staff is
providing services to a client. The teacher reports that the staff person is
very talented, but is not open to feedback and does not tailor her
interventions with the client according to his behavior on a specific day. She
is also frequently late. This has created conflict between the teacher and the
staff person.

Examine this particular case and
figure out if services are being provided appropriately. As a director, you
gather information from the teacher, the staff person, the family, and anyone
else involved in the case.

Create a list of 7 to 10
questions that help guide your information gathering process, covering three
basic components of quality assurance:

provision of service

satisfaction with service


Explain the reasoning behind
your chosen questions.

Describe how the information
gathered from your questions can help to monitor and prevent future fraud and
misappropriation of services.


During the investigation, the teacher revealed to you
that the client had just been treated for a communicable disease

Identify how
security was breached in this scenario and explain the impact on
confidentiality and services.

In this circumstance, how would you repair the
relationship with the client and preventing it from happening again?

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