IT 242 Week 4 Individual: Using the nslookup Utility  

 IT 242 Week 4 Individual: Using the nslookup Utility

Complete Lab 4-2, “Using the nslookup utility,” in Network Technology Associate: Instructors Guide.

Complete the linked worksheet, “Using the nslookup Utility.”

Submit your worksheet using the Assignment Files tab.

Using the nslookup Utility Worksheet


Complete Lab 4-2 in Network Technology Associate, and then answer the following questions:





Suppose you are on the IT staff of a company that sells hair removal products through an electronic storefront and you have been asked to test the operation of the default DNS server. You also want to obtain a list of all nodes in a particular domain. How would you use the nslookup utility to perform these tasks?






Open a command prompt. Type nslookup, and then press ENTER to issue a one-time command. Recorded the information you found below.






Conduct searches for the following systems:









What two types of servers did you get the IP addresses for in Question 3?






What protocols discussed in the course materials does each of these two servers employ?






How can these two types of servers be made more secure or more protected?