HUM 115 Week 5 GameScape Reflection

HUM 115 Week 5 GameScape Reflection

After completing this module, save to your computer. It will save as a PDF file. This is what you will submit in this section for credit.

This assignment will be graded using the following criteria:














































Assignment Item
Point Value
Part 1: Game Score 




Score of 1-12 = .5 points.


Score of 13-24 = 1 point


Score of 25-36 = 1.5 points


Score of 37-50 = 2 points


Based on the score earned during the completion of the game activities.
Part 2: Responses to Reflection Questions 


Reflection Question 1 (2 pts.)




What aspects of critical thinking were most beneficial and challenging for you? Why? (Target word count: 100)



Reflection Question 2 (1 pt.)




What plans or strategies will you employ to continue to improve your critical thinking skills? (Target word count: 50)


Address each of the questions thoughtfully, making sure to meet the word requirements. 


Total Points