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The "Get Your Period Handbook" has over 250 pages, answers over 100 FAQ's (about life, hormones, stress, diets, exercise, health, etc.) shares my own personal experience with regaining not only my period (twice!), but also both my mental and physical health when it comes to food and exercise; references numerous studies and research, has tons of real-life testimonials from girls I've worked with, 25 easy-to-make recipes, and lays out how to literally heal your body, fix your mind, and change your life for good. Though this book focuses on getting your period, it would also be beneficial for anyone and everyone (even guys!) struggling with food and exercise issues. Chapters include: - The Birth Control Pill - Why Am I So Bloated? + How to Fix It - Are you Addicted to Exercise? + Quiz - I LOVE to Exercise! - What Can We Learn from the Minnesota Starvation Experiment? + Disordered Eating During Puberty - Do You Have Orthorexia? + Quiz - Why Diets and Workouts Haven't Worked for You - Signs That Your Period is Right Around the Corner - Tips for Dealing with PMS - Best Foods to Get Your Period Back - Guard Your Mind! - The Power of Positive Thinking - Asking for Help - FAQ (hair loss, PCOS, binge eating, weight gain, depression, counting calories, etc.) - My Letter to You - Grocery "Must-Haves" - Recipes **All sales are final and there is a strict NO-refund policy. I am not held liable for any health issues or health misfortune. Be sure to consult with a physician before starting any health or fitness routine. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! I simply share my advice based off my personal experience, research, certifications, and the experience of others. Therefore, I will not diagnose you or treat you for any health conditions. You should always revert back to a qualified health professional when in question.
Get Your Period Handbook: Heal Your Body, Fix Your Mind, Change Your Life
"30 Days To Loving Yourself: Daily Tasks For Overcoming Self-Hate, Anxiety, & Stress" is a 30 day plan, filled with daily tasks designed to completely change your life, one step at a time, one day at a time. 

Just like you, I know what it’s like to look in the mirror every day and not particularly like what I see. Not just on a physical level, but also on a mental and emotional level. At some point in your life, or maybe it was ever so slowly, you started to change. Things got different. Over time, you slowly started to lose your excitement for your life and for who you are as an individual. Years ago, the same thing happened to me. I went through a very difficult time and I no longer had the vigor for life that I used to. Things just felt “off.” Every day would just drag along, I was always waiting for the next best thing to happen in my life, living for the weekends (only to do nothing on the weekends), feeling self-pity and dreaming of a better, more happy, fun life, the life like I “used to” have or I “could have” or like someone else had if things could only change. I dealt with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, self-hate, anxiety, worrying, always wanting this or that, never being content, living in the past and day-dreaming of  the future when things would change and I would finally be happy. I kept thinking if things were different, or like they used to be, then all my problems would go away. I believed that if I could only have this or if that certain thing could change in my life then my life would finally be different.

But that wasn't the case, and along the way I figured out the secret. There was one key that unlocked the door to me loving my life, loving myself, and beating the anxiety and stress once and for all. There was one thing I had to do to see results. And that's what this book is all about - it's a guide to help you get to that point. It's 30 days of tasks that I have implemented in my own life to make me successful in finally, genuinely, loving myself and my life. Finally waking up every single day with joy and happiness, stress-free and excited for the day. Finally accepting my body, accepting where I am in life, loving my job, the place I lived, the things I did every day, and my relationships. Finally loving my life. 

The point of this book is for you to learn to truly loving yourself, your life, your body, your job, your relationships, the things that happen with you day-to-day, not someone else's. It's about you learning to cope with certain situations, accepting certain things, and creating the right habits that will change your life. And I can promise you, if you commit to the 30 days, you will undoubtedly see a change. And not just any change, but a drastic change.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT for anyone that is uncommitted, always want a quick-fix and constantly looking for  instant results. This is for those who are fed up with all the anxiety, worry, and self-hate and want their life to be full of joy and happiness again. This is for those who want to wake up and love what they see in the mirror regardless of their weight or what they look like; the ones who want to start each day with the outlook that today is going to be awesome no matter what happens; and the ones who finally want to get their depression, anxiety, and self-hate out of the way so they can live every day to the fullest free from all the guilty, worry, and sadness. If that sounds like you, then this book will change your life! :)
30 Days To Loving Yourself: Daily Tasks For Overcoming Self-Hate, Anxiety, & Stress
The "Keep Your Period Handbook" is the sequel to my first "Get Your Period Handbook" (which I encourage you to read through first for BEST results!) The "Keep Your Period Handbook" is all about the "next steps," so-to-speak and the things I've personally done to be sure I get my period, and keep it for the long-run. After getting your period back, you're left with a lot of questions: How and what do I need to eat now? How can I reach a healthy weight? What's the best exercises? What's the worst exercises? Are light periods normal? Can I ever exercise again? What if I skip a period or fall back into old ways? What do I do?! This book is over 300 pages long and answers all these questions, and more, giving you the tools you need to take those next steps and move on with your life :)

These are all the types of questions that we're all curious about after we get out periods back and want to move forward in life, free from our pasts of disordered eating, our bad body image issues, our exericse addition, and finally moving forward and on to better things.

So, that's what this is all about! Moving forward. Taking those next steps. Following the best way of eating that ensures you aren't "restrictive" anymore, you're eating enough, you're getting in the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs, you're reaching a healthy weight, you're energized, and you're exercising in ways that you love! This is the NEW YOU. No more fad-diets, no more torturing yourself at 6am Saturday morning bootcamp, no more quick-fix gimmicks. 

This is about you learning from your past and beginning to live, eat, exercise, and think about your body in a way that is both healthy and sustainable LONG-TERM. And it only gets better as time goes on :) 

Chapters include: 
- Intro: Did You Read my "Get Your Period Handbook" First?
- START HERE: "The Get Your Period Checklist"
- The Perfect Diet for Keeping Your Period: What It's NOT
- The Perfect Diet for Keeping Your Period: What It Actually IS
- The "Keep Your Period" Must-Haves Grocery List
- Learning the Secret of Intuitive & Mindful Eating
- Setting Boundaries for Long-Term Success
- The Worse Exercises for Keeping Your Period
- The Best Exercises for Keeping Your Period
- The Absolute Best Way to Exercise
- How to Deal with Your So-Called "Triggers"
- 50+ FAQ on Keeping Your Period
- My Letter to You :) 

I hope and pray this book continues to help you grow, change, and learn about your body and mind in a way that is fresh, new, and beneficial for you not only now, but for years to come. 

**All sales are final and there is a strict NO-refund policy. I am not held liable for any health issues or health misfortune. Be sure to consult with a physician before starting any health or fitness routine. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! I simply share my advice based off my personal experience, research, certifications, and the experience of others. Therefore, I will not diagnose you or treat you for any health conditions. You should always revert back to a qualified health professional when in question!
Keep Your Period Handbook: The Next Steps
Are you ready to begin releasing the toxic stress in your body and mind on a daily basis with clear, easy steps? Then this book is for you.

Use this book as a starting place for what you want to change - whether it's a health condition, emotional state, or a desire to detox and renew your entire life.

Detox 101 is the first book in the Detox for Smarties Course Series. This is a beginners guidebook to a physical detox, the next book in the series will dive into the mental, emotional and spiritual concepts of detox.

Starting July 2013 Elicia will be uploading free training videos to her DetoxWorldTour YouTube Channel to walk you through the 5 steps outlined in Detox 101. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to automatically receive new videos when they are uploaded.

This book is designed for you to create your personal detox plan, based on what you personally are ready to release that is causing you stress in your body, mind and life.

By following the detox diet in the book you will properly prepare your body for deeper cleanses, such as, the liver flush, juice and/or water fasting. When you eliminate alcohol, stimulants, sugar and processed foods (that you may have been using to numb emotions) you then start to feel your guidance system/intuition to make choices that are aligned with your soul.

This is a guidebook to detoxing with awareness. You’ll get revealing exercises and essential resources for holistic detoxification and self-discovery. Enjoy the journey! There is no destination, and boundless gifts await you along the way.

Detox For Smarties is a cleansing course series based on Elicia Miller's own 20-year detox, healing and awakening journey. Each book is part of her commitment to sharing what she has seen work for herself and hundreds of her clients in various stages of healing.
Detox 101: 5 Steps to Design Your Personal Detox Plan
Are you worried about losing extra weight?
Tired of over indulging and feeling sluggish?
Not sure how to prepare and eat healthy meals?
Want to eliminate sugar cravings?
Have more energy and sleep better?
Lose weight and feel fantastic?


My name is Laura McDonald and I’m a busy mother of three, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, an Ace certified personal and group fitness instructor. I deal with the same issues you do, so my main objective with the Clean Start Plan is to keep it healthy & simple. I have personally worked on every recipe and I have done the plan myself (along with some family & friends) and It ROCKS.


Anyone who is looking to eat clean, boost metabolism, lose weight, jumpstart healthier eating and not get sucked into the expanding waistline syndrome. It's also for people looking to clean up their diet and focus on eating healthy & whole foods. Clean Start is also perfect for the entire family!


“Clean Start Guide” with delicious, nutritious recipes. Over 30 recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and side dishes). Paleo, gluten-free, vegan and traditional recipes included. ($30 value)

“Weekly Meal Planner” page so you can plan out all your meals.

Grocery Shopping Guide to help you navigate healthy choices at the grocery store. Includes a list of: seasonal produce, spices, herbs and how to choose the healthiest food options. ($15 value)

BONUS: “Sensational Smoothies and Juices” recipes. 11 nutrient-packed recipes (6 smoothies and 6 juices). ($19 value)

BONUSBONUS: One 30 minute VIP private phone/skype session with me so we can personalize and fine tune the plan just for you! ($60 value).

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Clean Start 7 Day Program