Ethereal ft. Red Brana Project File (w/ C4D Files and Cinematics)
The ULTIMATE Editing Pack! [NEW]
The ULTIMATE Color Correction Pack! [NEW]
The EXCLUSIVE Editing Pack [2015]
FaZe Adapt's 2 Million Subscribers Montage PROJECT FILE (w/ CLIPS/CINS/C4D FILES)
The Zombies Montage ft. Red Gandhi Project File
Time V4 #RedERC Project File
The Hill ft. FaZe Swan & Red Swanny Project File
The Red Militia #5 PROJECT FILE (w/ C4D FILES & CINS)
Beloved (Project File w/ Clips & Cins)
Wicked Son Project File
War 2 Project FIle
Diversity #8 Project File (Red Synical's Episode)


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