Project 01 Solution

1.  FSU title bar.

2.  The footer should include your name.

3.  All logic must be written in Java.

4.  Minimum requirement is the ability for 2 human players.

5.  You can be creative.  The game does not have to be exactly like the wireframes, but it does have to be obvious that the game is Tic Tac Toe.

6.  Extra credit will be given for going above and beyond.  For example:
a.  Playing against the computer.
b. Adding AI to the computer's responses such as building in logic so that if player X has two in a row, then Player O will detect that and block.
c. Instead of X's and O's, give the ability to use college mascots.  X may be an image of a Seminole where O may be an image of a Gator.

7.  Absolutely NO AUTO GENERATED CODE!  Any detection of this will result in a zero.