Assignment 02 Solution

For Assignment 2, we'll continue to compile/run our Java programs from the command line.  For this story, we need to create a fictional character from the land of Camelot.  Our character will be a knight from the round table who you can name what you wish. We'll call ours Sir Jav-a-lot.  

We'll need to know a few things about our knight such as his name (hint:String), health(hint:int), number of battles, age, and amount of gold procured from pillaging.

To keep track of all of these attributes, we'll need to create a container to hold each of the specified pieces of information above.

To populate each of these containers, we'll need to have a way of entering data from the user.

To get an overall picture of your knight, we'll need a way to export all of these attributes to the screen.

Hint: You can use Scanner's next() method to gather the String name.

Acceptance Criteria:

1.  Ability to enter Sir Jav-a-lot's attributes.

2.  Sir Jav-a-lot's information will be shown on the screen. In addition to showing each of Sir Jav-a-lot's attributes, we need to know the average gold accumulated per battle.

3.  This is to be a command line interface only.

4.  Do not use any mechanisms beyond the scope of Chapter's 1 & 2.

5. Output must be displayed using the printf method.

6.  Zip up the files and Submit your file.