MMO Starter Kit for Unreal

MMO Starter Kit provides a great starting point for developing or prototyping an MMO. Saving you hours of work, it lets you concentrate on what makes your game unique.

Requires Unreal Engine 4

Unreal forums thread (with a link to demo client):

Online documentation:

Unofficial Discord channel:

No third-party solution required - so no monthly fees and you're free to host your server anywhere you want. The documentation has instructions on how to order and set up a dedicated server on Softlayer.


- All source code included
- Fully in Blueprints
- Persistent storage of data (characters, guilds) in an online mySQL database
- Character position, stats, inventory etc... are saved when the character logs off and restored when it enters world again
- Registration, login and character creation
- Authoritative server
- Launcher/autoupdater that can update the game (separate application, in C#)
- Combat
- Roaming NPCs that fight back and chase after the player if attacked
- Inventory and loot
- Equipment
- Parties and Guilds
- Player and NPC respawn
- Combat log
- Classic MMO controls
- Chat with multilingual support
- UMG user interface