Yandy PVC Dress PNG Edition

Cross laced PVC Dress set created by [email protected] for CBI. This set comes complete in a RAR file with 21 PNG pant textures, opacity maps, instructions, derive info, and product ad. XCF version available for purchase. AP and GA

Nothing in this shop is a mass file, once a file is sold out and/or outdated it will be retired from my shop. Pay according to what you want please state it in a message.

x1 Base Price = PNG Edition (catalog only) 
x2 Base Price = All above + XCF or PSD ( catalog only) **format will be noted in detail section 
x3 Base Price = CBI Standard Re-sell | all above + rights to re-sell and/or freebie merchandise according to CBI re-sell rules 
x10 Base Price = All above + rights to offer re-sell + no need to credit CBI + no need to follow CBI re-sell rules