Uncommon Advice for an Extraordinary Life

The book is about attitude. What it means and how to get it right. I’m not the first person to talk about the importance of attitude. Lots of great people have talked about attitude. As a matter of fact, just about every motivational speaker has talked about it, coaches talk about it, personal development author’s write about it and self-help gurus have created some incredible and persuasive information on attitude. They’ve all talked about the importance of attitude at one time or another. And, it’s good stuff. Some of it’s very good. There’s no denying the importance of having the right attitude. If you have any desire for success or to accomplish anything meaningful, it’s critical that you get your attitude right.

This is the Best Advice You'll Ever Get! Yes, it's a bold claim.

DISCLAIMER:  This isn’t a trick, a gimmick or a short cut. It's a philosophy, which is just a fancy way of saying it's a way of thinking. Not just any way of thinking. An extraordinary way of thinking.

It's simple advice that if you listen carefully it's the best advice you'll ever get. Attitude, ambition and character, those are your most valuable assets. If you want to live a successful, rewarding life there's 3 things you need to do. 3 basic things you have to commit yourself to doing every day. This is how attitude, ambition and character are CREATED.

If you were assigned to lead a team would you set expectations for those team members? It would be silly not too. Do you think it would be good leadership to allow a team to simply wander aimlessly without any direction? Of course not, it wouldn't make sense.

If that's the case how can you expect positive results for yourself if you never set expectations for yourself?

When you don't have any expectations, you don't have a target. The result is frustration on some level. Without developing expectations, you have no way to review your progress.

The result of changing the way you think is increased self-confidence, reduced anxiety and content. You’ll never look back on regret when you know you did what was right and that you did the best you could. Whatever the circumstances you’ll always have a peace of mind that things worked out the way they were supposed to.

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