Inner peace & mindfulness meditation

Going back to a basic type meditation, use your own breath and patience to attain a state of inner peace and deep relaxation.
This guided meditation was made to feel as soothing as possible, a longer version is on the way.
Deep relaxation and possibly sleep will be induced in this guided meditation, the feeling of stress relief and lowered overthinking is possible using this video on a regular basis.
How to use this meditation:
If you get distracted by any thoughts that are keeping you from relaxation then turn your awareness back to your breath.
sit or lay as comfortable and in any way that best suits you, there is no right or wrong way to meditate.
make sure that all distractions are taken care of and that the area you are using this guided meditation is safe.
just let your mind wonder on its own way, giving up control and allowing you to just be.
as you progress through this meditation just observe those thoughts and feelings, and anything that feels good, aim your mind in that direction in an unforced way.
letting go of what you think of yourself, who you are, what is positive or negative is not important. Have an unbiased view towards yourself and the thoughts that pass as you listen to this guided meditation.


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