Let go of depression meditation

Guided meditation Depression,anxiety and healing a powerful visual hypnosis experience. Depression is the target for this very powerful guided meditation, it will aid towards getting you back to yourself and will help with sleep problems.
There are five main elements to depression that this guided meditation aims to deal with to help you cope better.
They are the anxiety, loneliness, self worth, negative thoughts or thinking and tiredness.
Each has a persona of it's own. Dealing with depression is difficult and can be hard to balance with also the outside influences in your life. This guided meditation for depression hopes to help lighten the load.

All my guided meditation tracks are crafted around immersing you and relaxing you deeply so you can meditate and even sleep. Insomnia is a real problem and depression needs a clear mind to make decisions and have positivity. These guided meditation audio tracks can be used to calm nerves, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep problems, positivity, making decisions, relaxation, luicd dreaming, meditation, healing and generally relax you and clear any negative thoughts. 
script, produced and voiced by christian thomas

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