Counting Music (SSAA version for Ladies/Treble Choir - A Cappella)
I Saw Three Ships (Chris Lawry) for SATB / Choir and piano accompaniment
Let There Be...
On the Breath of the Wind - SATB Score
Welcome to the Choir - SATB Score
When the Stars Came Out - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Wandering - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
The the Rains Came - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
The Lady of the Lake - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
The Jazz Singer - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
On the Terrace - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Morning on the Square - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Hither Thither - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Clear the Decks! - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Bandoneon Dances - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
And the Band Pass By - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Why Do Bells for Christmas Ring? (Piano Vocal Guitar Score) A Children's Carol
Under the Star (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
The Pauper's Carol (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
Sleep Happy Child (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
I Saw an Angel (Piano Vocal Guitar Score) A Carol for Children
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
Carolling, Carolling (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
A Knock at the Door (Piano Vocal Guitar Score) A Carol for Children
A Coventry Carol (Piano Vocal/Choir & Guitar Score)
One Holy Child (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
Keep Christmastime in Mind (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
Love Peace and Music (Piano Vocal Guitar Score)
Scenes from a Parisian Cafe - Bb Clarinet & Piano (with Backing Tracks [No demo tracks])
What Sweeter Music (Choir/SSAATTBB)
The Sweet Nightingale (for 4 Hands Piano / 2 pianos)
When There's Love At Home (Vocal and Piano Score)
Blackbird (Vocal/Piano Score)
Love Peace and Music for Christmas (Full Sheet Music with Audio Tracks)
Love Peace and Music for Christmas - Sheet Music Album only - (NO audio or backing tracks)
One Sixty Six - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Whispers in the Rain - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
Poco Loco - for Bb Clarinet & Piano
She Flies With Her Own Wings - Bb Clarinet & Piano
In Sleep Piano Album Score
Kensa ha Dewetha - Clarinet & Piano Parts
Mercy Pity Peace Love - SATB Choir Score
Counting Music - SATB Choir Score




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