Black Lives Matter Sample Pack

Hello.  This is the Black Lives Matter Sample Pack.  It is a hodgepodge of audio bits and pieces I've created and curated during the months of [mostly] June/July designed to be used to facilitate music creation in any way. 

There are drum loops, one-shots, piano/rhodes bits and bobs, mini-compositions, various loops and odds and ends™️.  Some things are labeled, some things are not labeled properly, some drum breaks start on the snare, and some things aren't perfect loops or in the same key.  It is a grab bag of stuff from various categories that I would use, and hopefully will be of use to you in one way or another*.  The idea is you open the bag, pick a few things and see what you can do with em.

Full Contents:
  • 24 Drum Breaks (most of which have multiple variations/multiple mic setups, total 47)
  • 17 Full Samples (mini compositions and loops with various    instrumentation) 
  • 12 Synth FX Samples (swells, transition fx, etc.)
  • 95 Drum One-Shots
    • 31 snares
    • 35 percussion
    • 12 kicks
    • 17 hi hats
  • 15 Percussion Loops
  • 18 Piano/Electric Piano loops
  • 6 Synth Loops
  • 27 different Drum Breaks recorded to Tape
  • 13 bonus tape one shots
  • [250 total sounds]

My hope is that it inspires you to make music which you can then sell and donate profits from as well, to perpetuate a giving cycle.  That being said, these sounds are yours now, and I'm not asking for anything in return, but  if you make a septillion dollars on a song using something from here let me know, I'd love to hear it.  The cost is 20 dollars, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the following organizations, to be distributed evenly:

Black Mamas Matter Organization:

Mutual Aid Fund for Black LGBTQ+ Youth:

Black Earth Farms:

*No samples were used -- just Virtual instruments, synthesizers, and drumset.  No sound has been recycled or taken from another sample pack or secondary source.  Total size is 1.02 GB uncompressed.  Zip/download size is ~788MB.

Artwork and layout by Oakland based illustrators: Fresh Daily (@freshdotdaily) and Erika Stallworth (