Blues 1 for Mandolin

Improvisation is an important part of playing an instrument. It promotes creativity and individuality within music as well as allowing you to sit in any musical situation without having had to learn a song or piece of music before hand. 

Blues is the place to start when learning how to improvise as it uses a simplified scale whilst giving you a great sound with the smallest amount of notes. This course will start you along the journey by teaching you a Blues Scale, how to use it to play over a common Blues chord progression and give you 4 licks that you can learn and play over any other E Blues progression as well as the one contained within this course.

Scaled Down Lessons

This series of lessons are presented in digestable chunks allowing you to learn what you want to learn at the pace you want to learn at. As a guide, each lesson is roughly what you might expect to learn in a 30min-1hr one-to-one lesson with a proffesional instrumental tutor and you should expect to be practicing what is contained in the lessons for at least 1-2 weeks before being ready to move on. This of course does depend on your exerience, ability and the amount you practice.