Master Crowleys - Variations for Mandolin

In this lesson we are going to be looking at how you can add a little extra flavour to your playing. The tune we are using for this is a traditional tune called Master Crowleys. I have found many tunes by this name and also found this tune under different names, the version here is taken from The Folk Orc Open Session Book Vol.2. The tune is a straight reel meaning that it is almost entirely even 8th notes throughout, which makes it ideal for adding in some rhythm and dynamic changes. The ideas you will learn in this lesson can be used in all your playing as long as you remember to use the notes from the scale in which the music is written and to not over do the added flavour to the extent that you lose the original tune. 

Scaled Down Lessons

This series of lessons are presented in digestable chunks allowing you to learn what you want to learn at the pace you want to learn at. As a guide, each lesson is roughly what you might expect to learn in a 30min-1hr one-to-one lesson with a proffesional instrumental tutor and you should expect to be practicing what is contained in the lessons for at least 1-2 weeks before being ready to move on. This of course does depend on your exerience, ability and the amount you practice.