DW011 Yang Style Taichi Taiji Single Sword & Tai Chi Broadsword - Yang zhenduo MP4

Both the Yang Sword and the Yang Broadsword or Sabre (Falchion on the cover) and on a single DVD featuring YANG ZHENG DUO , son of Grandmaster Yang Cheng Fu and inheritor of the style and his grandson Yang Jun

The broadsword is powerful, flowing and a delight to watch. while the straight swordplay is simple, elegant and smooth.

Each form has move-by-move instruction by Yang Zhengduo as well as two demonstrations of the complete form by Yang Jun - one indoors and one on the rooftop. This way you can see the form from different angles which is particularly useful when you need to see the sword positions. The only slight disappointment is that there are no applications shown. 

Slow it down to 1/8 speed or frame-by-frame if your player allows to gain maximum benefit from these very clear form demonstrations.

  • Lecturer: Yang Zhenduo 
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: English 
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 98'01" 

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Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo

Master Yang Zhenduo, born in 1926, is the great-grandson of Yang Luchan (1799-l872), the founder of the Yang school of Tai Chi Chuan, and the third son of Yang Chengfu, the finalizer of that school. He is now a member of the Coaches Committee of the Chinese Wushu Association and a member of the Wushu Association of Shanxi Province and vice-president of the provincial capital's Wushu association. Starting to learn Chinese boxing from his father at six, he now has a history of over 70 years in exercising with Tai Chi Chuan.

It is said that when Yang Zhenduo's great grandfather was young, he had the luck to learn Tai Chi Chuan from Chen Changxing, a well-known master of the Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan in Henan Province. Having mastered this art, he was recommended to be a teacher of Chinese boxing to an aristocratic family in Beijing and later an instructor in an army unit. When it was passed down to Yang Chengfu, grandson of Yang Luchan and Yang Zhenduo's father, its movements had undergone great changes.

Characterized by its easy, nimble and leisurely style, combining vigor with grace, this newborn school of Tai chi Chuan has since been very popular among the Chinese people.

Yang Zhenduo once said, "Originally, Tai Chi Chuan was created primarily for combat purposes. But with the development of weapons, this function slowly diminished and the stress was laid mainly on health promotion. However, it could still be used in combat fighting. But nowadays, people are apt to do the Tai Chi Chuan exercises with too much ease because of lack of real under-standing of the demand for relaxation of the joints. After all, Tai chi Chuan is a kind of martial art, and its function of attack and defense must not be forgotten. So in practice, the movements are outwardly 'soft' but inwardly vigorous. Otherwise, it is not Tai Chi Chuan but calisthenics.

As Yang Zhenduo's movements and posture bear a close resemblance to his father's boxing style, he is regarded as heir to the orthodox Yang School of Tai Chi Chuan. In 1961, when he gave a performance at the Shanghai Palace of Physical Culture, Wushu experts from Hangzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi flocked there to watch and learn from him. Some took along with them the books containing photos of his father doing the Tai Chi Chuan exercises so as to make comparisons. They all came to the conclusion that his movements were almost exactly the same as his father's. On the two occasions of the national boxing exhibition competitions he took part in, each time he carried off the first prize. The number of his students over the years run to many thousands (at home and abroad) some of whom suffer from chronic diseases and some are Wushu enthusiasts who wish to perfect their skills.

A gentle and amiable man, Teacher Yang devotes himself to teaching Tai Chi Chuan and he is determined to pass this valuable legacy to posterity for the benefit of everyone's health.