DW195 Chinese Kungfu Xingyi Quan - Xing Yi Liuhe Fist by Liang Hongxuan MP4

Xinyi Liuhe Fist is a treasure of martial arts in China. Rich in content, it is a blend of building up body, strengthening body and attack. It is one of three Neijia fists (Tai-Chi, Eight Diagrams and Xinyi) in China. Xinyi Fist is a combination of shape and spirit, it is required to be light, flexible and natural, thus the mind shall apply the will, the will shall lead Qi, and it shall breathe naturally and lingeringly. Its movements are firm or soft harmoniously, visible and invisible clearly. In practice, it moves like flowing clouds and running water, gentle and continuous, slow and soft. In actual combat, the quiet shall subdue the moving, the slow shall accompany the quick. It has the characteristics of lending force to beat out force. It has a rich and deep content. 

  • Lecturer: Liang Hongxuan
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English
  • Length of time: 60'50"

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