DW166-06 Chen Style Taijiquan - Chen Style Tai Chi New Frame I by Zhu Tiancai MP4

83 stances of New Frame, created by the master Chen Fake, the 17th ancestral master of offspring of Chen Wangyan, features wide and stable movements. Its fist stance is mainly applied with frontal hand's techniques Ward off, Deflect, Squeeze And Press, accompanied by Pull downward, Bend backward, Elbow Stroke, and Shoulder Stroke. In practice, the routine demands the body leads the hand, with the waist as axis, revolving the wrist, ankle and turning shoulder, knees. Its routine methods are various, diversified in chest and waist, with more obvious spring. 

  • Lecturer: Zhu TianCai 
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese
  • Subtitle: Chinese/English
  • Length of time: 272'45"

Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai

Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai's birthplace is in China, Henan, Chenjiagou. He is the 19th generation disciple of the Chen Family Taijiquan. He started learning from Grandmaster Chen Zhaopi and Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui from a very young age. Having great passion and love for the martial art and under strict guidance from the two Grandmasters, Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai has perfectly mastered Chen Taijiquan. His display of Chen Taijiquan is described as "smooth flowing" and "softness," giving people watching the routine a beautiful and relaxed feeling. 

With over fifty years of teaching experience, Grandmaster Zhu has compiled a set of teaching methodologies useful for both beginners and professionals. The art can be practiced as a form of basic exercise for health improvement and in the advanced stages can also be used as a defensive martial art. 

Grandmaster Zhu has been traveling around the world teaching and imparting the art of Chen Taijiquan. His teaching is well known and received by international Wushu and Taiji organizations. His students are numerous and Grandmaster Zhu was honored as one of the four "Arhats" of Chen Taijiquan. He is also an international Chen Taijiquan Instructor. 

Over the years, Grandmaster Zhu has written and published many books and video cds with detailed explanations and illustrations of Chen Taijiquan, including Swords, Push-hands, and many other aspects of the art.