DW162-05 Chinese Kungfu Hsing Xingyi Wuxing Fist & Xingyi Wuxing Sword by Chu Guiting MP4

Will-and-Form fist is an old traditional boxing simulating the movements of animals, so it's also called Xingyiquan. This set of Will-and-Form Fist is reserved by Chu Guiting from his master Mr. Li Chunyi. It includes the five fighting skills of hacking, snap punch, corkscrew, ballistic punch and horizontal punch. The Will-and-Form Wuxing Sword evolves from the Will-and-Form Wuxing Fist and includes the five fighting skills of hacking cleave, tilting cleave, corkscrew cleave, ballistic cleave and horizontal cleave. The complete set of sword exercise has precise swordsmanship, guileless force, imposing vigor, perfect integration of form and will. Constant exercise is needed for solid foundation. 

  • Lecturer: Yan Shunde
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: English/Chinese
  • Length of time: 51'12"