Wu style Taiji Sword traditional Routine 64 Postureby Li Bingci MP4

The Taiji sword is one kind of short weapon in the Taijiquan weapon series. It belongs to the category of soft-body weapons. It contains elements of the techniques of Wushu as well as the features of the Taijiquan such as gentleness, continuity and using the mind to lead the sword. Traditional Wu-Style Taiji Swordplay is rich in movement, exquisite in skill, graceful, natural and seamless in performance. It's the most difficult one in the Taiji swordplay series. When practicing, the body and sword should act as one, the techniques of sword should be clear and distinct and their changes should be in harmony. Our internal energy and external movements should be well coordinated.

  • Lecturer: Li Bingci
  • Format: MP4
  • Language Speaking: Chinese 
  • Subtitle: No subtitles
  • Length of time: 115'28"