DWQL109 Chen Style Tai chi Collection Series - Taiji New Frame Punch Chen Xiaowang MP4

Routine of Chen Style Tai Chi Boxing new frame is also called cannon fist. The movements in new frame routine Boxing are comparatively complicated in routine, centering on the application of the four corner hands including pick, (obstruct) elbow, lean take four positive hand including (hold up) stroke, squeeze, press hardness contains softness, strive for firmness and hardness stamp to exerting force, move in a flash leap up and jump, relax, spring and shake focus on the exercise of springiness force in appearance, center on fast and strong jump, take characteristic of slowness, softness, calm and unhurried the method of exerting force requires guiding the body by hand cooperate with flexible footwork center on hardness, integrate harness with softness take internal force as commanding, if internal body is motionless, external will not exert force a part move and the whole parts will move, throughout all joints.

Lecturer: Chen XiaoWang 
Format: MP4
Language Speaking: Chinese
Subtitle: English/Chinese 
Length of time: 161'41"

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang (Xiaowang)

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, male, born in the original place of Tai Chi - Chen village in China, he is the 19 th generation Chen style Grandmaster of the Chen family’s Tai Chi Chuan heritage. He is a direct descendant of the legendary creator of Tai Chi, General Chen Wangting and one of "the World Best Chen Tai Chi Grandmaster" 

He is very skillful in Tai Chi Kungfu and has original view on training and actual combat technique. 

He began his training at the age of six years old studying Tai Chi from his Father, and then later from his Uncles, who were all famous Tai Chi Grandmasters. 

He has practiced Tai Chi for more than fifty years, and is considered a ‘Living Treasure’ by the Chinese government. He has numerous Gold Medals that he won as a young man competing in martial art tournaments throughout China. His character and gentle approach to teaching Tai Chi has won him literally tens of thousands of faithful Tai Chi students all over the world. 

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang has been produced a series of dvd on Chen Style Tai Chi recently and it is available to buy in China. 

Routine 1(83 postures) of New Frame(XinJia): it belongs to Chen WangTing's descender Chen ChangXin Traditional Old Routine Series, which is created by the 17th forefathers Chen Fake master. It has the characteristics of board and big posture, deep and steady. The posture mainly applied four basic hand method of "Warding off, Rooling back, Pressing and Pushing", and the four basic hand method of "sizing, blocking, elbowing, pushing" as assistance. Routine 1 of New Frame composed of 83 movements divided into four sections. 

Instruction from this DVD are easy to follow by famous Tai Chi master Chen XiaoWang. And those exercise are good for chronic diseases such as neurasthenic, high blood pressure, heart disease, dyspepsia, arthritis.